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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Rich History Of Harvard Law School

The Rich History Of Harvard Law School

One of the most prestigious law schools in the country is also among the earliest examples of programs set up specifically for teaching law. Harvard Law School is the oldest continuously running law school in the United States of America.
Harvard Law was a pioneer in the decades-long transition from the early 19th century when law was taught mostly through apprenticeship, to the end of that century, when formal schooling in law was becoming more common. As a matter of fact, in 1870 the school introduced what has long been the standard first-year curriculum for law students.
With its history deeply rooted in the beginnings of law education, and a continuously laudable academic record, Harvard is one of the most sought after institutions for undergraduates going into law. It has a reputation for being difficult to get into, but does accept applicants based on more than just their academic record.
harvard law school
Harvard law admits only around 12% of its applicants, with a high general standard of GPA and test scoring requirements. However, it is also important for applicants to have varied interests and talents and backgrounds to contribute to the diversity of the student body.
Beginning in 2003, a new dean did away with many stereotypes and complaints about the institution. She implemented a broad range of reforms that improve quality of life at the school as well as other areas. In 2006 a new first-year curriculum was implemented with greater emphasis on problem solving and administrative and international law.
law school
While in the past there was a reputation for competitiveness at the school, there is now an emphasis on joint learning. The competition now is mostly within the application process. Today Harvard has a reputation for a creative teaching and learning environment. The faculty consists of over 250 full-time professors and visiting professors, lecturers and instructors.
There are many famous alumni of Harvard Law. Among them are President Barrack Obama and his wife, Michelle, Mitt Romney and Michael Dukakis. There have also been fourteen Supreme Court Justices who graduated from HLS, and many other influential figures have attended or graduated as well.
The school isn't only of interest to those wishing to study law. It has also been a feature of a number of books, movies and television shows, most of which are filmed on or near the university. It is also common for the institution to be named as the place of graduation for many characters playing lawyers.
For many preparing to study law, the chances of being accepted into the school seem as realistic as the more outlandish of the movies made at the university. However, it should be remembered that having a high GPA from a prestigious undergrad school is not the only way to get into the school, as diversity is increasingly emphasized.
With its reputation as a thriving academy with a high standard of learning, Harvard Law School has remained at or near the top of the list of the most influential law schools in the world for centuries.
Written by Helen Coleman.


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